Rahul & Niddhi

In the enchanting embrace of December’s cold, Rahul and Niddhi’s destination wedding unfolded with boundless energy. Their vibrant haldi and lively sangeet set the stage for a joyous celebration. The next day, amidst a serene indoor setting and a cloudy morning, the couple exchanged vows, sealing their love forever.

With a resort boasting a grandiose pool, Rahul and Niddhi’s varmala in pool became a mesmerizing affair. Surrounded by the azure waters and breathtaking scenery, they united their hearts, creating a fairytale-like moment that will be cherished eternally.

Love, laughter, and cherished traditions intertwined in this winter wonderland, leaving a trail of magical memories and heartfelt emotions for all who were lucky enough to witness the love story of Rahul and Niddhi.