Ronak & Ruchi

A Celebration of Love and Energy: Ronak & Ruchi’s Spectacular Wedding
Meet Ronak and Ruchi, a dynamic duo whose destination wedding in Lonavala was a burst of energy and love. The haldi ceremony was a riot of colors, but the sangeet stole the show with its exceptional lights and infectious enthusiasm. Ronak surprised everyone by taking center stage and leaving a lasting impression, while Ruchi’s solo performance set the stage ablaze. Their varmala ceremony poolside added a touch of magic to this already extraordinary celebration, making it a wedding to remember forever.

This super energetic couple’s joyous journey showcased their love and vibrant personalities, captivating everyone who was fortunate to be part of their special day. The combination of unforgettable performances and a picturesque poolside varmala made Ronak and Ruchi’s destination wedding an event to cherish for a lifetime.